ManX Tek Inc.

Manufacturing Consultancy based in Ontario, Canada with over 14 years of engineering experience. 


Manx Tek Inc. Canada started its operation as MaanX Technologies in the year of 2005 at Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh with the vision of providing consultancy and technical support for tendering, projects, contract and procurement activities of Bangladesh territory and successfully completed fourteen international and national projects/contracts. Among them the most significant projects were to plan, design and develop 10,000 sq-ft 100% export oriented knitwear garments factory and subsequently to install all machineries, power distribution systems on time. We also have experiences of conducting high value contracts ($100M US) of DGDP. Later on, Manx Tek Inc. Canada registered and incorporated the business in Ontario, Canada in 2011. (Ontario Corporation # 002288560). Since then the company has completed more than nine international projects/contracts with USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Netherland, Poland, Spain, Denmark, Turkey, South Korea, Singapore and many projects/contracts are running and working for new upcoming tenders and projects. Long outstanding experiences and supports of the Engineers, financial experts and retired military personnel are the strength of the company.